Petition to: Demand the removal of the plastic trash bank of the river

We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to Demand the removal of the plastic trash bank of the river. More details

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On behalf of the management of the company we ask you to support the initiative, which aims to improve the environmental situation in the Thames, which is located in the territorial part of the railway bridge Grosvenor. Today environmentalists confirm that the Thames has become the dirtiest river in the country and it is necessary to promptly solve the problem. Plastic bottles, glasses, plates, spoons and forks have filled the waterway near the Grosvenor Railway Bridge. If no action is taken today, the ecological situation of the River Thames will become threatening, because plastic waste will get into the water and a lot of fish and biological plankton in the area of the river artery will die. In order to reduce pollution in this area, we ask that additional garbage cans and containers be installed for the storage of unusable garbage. We should be proud of our Thames River, but in order to keep our pride in the public eye, we need to clean up the river water area near the railroad bridge.

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