Petition to: Remove illuminated advertising panels from the hyde park corner road underpass entrances

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to Remove illuminated advertising panels from the hyde park corner road underpass entrances. More details

Petition update from the council, 31 July 2017

Dear Mr Croisdale.

RE: Petition No Hyde Park Ads

I am writing to you as the lead petitioner in response to the petition received by the City Council entitled 'No Hyde Park Ads' which is now closed ad which received a total number of two signatures.


This scheme was implemented in accordance with the planning consent granted in July 2013 following the statutory consultation period.

In addition to the statutory consultations, a further 173 adjoining owners and occupiers were consulted with no responses received.

The screens have been operational since September 2016.

Highways Safety:

An independent road safety audit assessing the potential impact of the screens on highways safety was included and assessed as part of the planning application.

Transport for London (TfL)and the Council's Highways department were also consulted, with no objections being made in relation to the specific area of highways safety.

The consent is conditioned to allow the Council to monitor whether the addition of the digital screens to the street scape has impacted on the number of accidents taking place within and on the approaches to the Underpass.

Specifically, condition two of the decision notice requires the applicants to "submit a report comparing and analysing accident data from the previous six years (three years prior to operation, and three years after operation) within three months of the third year of operation of the screens hereby approved. Any revisions to the operation required by us (WCC) and TfL, including levels of luminance, rate and speed of change and sequencing of advertisements, will be agreed in writing. You must then implement any revisions with a further three months of the date of our written response." If the findings do show a correlation between the advertising screens and an increase in the number of collisions then appropriate action will be taken by the Council.

Furthermore, condition three requires all specifications in relation to lighting/brightness of the advertisements to be in line with the technical report submitted as part of the planning application which was verified by the institute of lighting professionals (ILP). This condition is in place to regulate the brightness of the adverts to a level that should not cause a distraction.

Finally I would like to reference condition six whereby in the interests of public safety the advertisement displayed on each media screen shall not change more frequently than one in every 10 seconds.

Impact on Townscape:

The impact on the surrounding townscape was considered within the townscape and design section of the officer report for this planning application. Whilst acknowledging that digital advertising is uncommon throughout Westminster, it was considered that there were mitigating factors that meant the screens could be reconciled with planning polices, namely:

- The two screens are integrated into and set within the underpass structure which means that the screens do not project above the height of the upstand walls;

- The screens are also covered by a canopy which, at its shallowest point, projects beyond the face of the screen by approximately 3.5 metres.

These measure make the screens only really appreciable to vehicular traffic as it approaches and descends into the underpass, restricting the visibility of the screens and therefore minimising their impact on the local setting.

Furthermore, it was also considered that the choice of materials, sculpted form to the over-cladding and the integrated lighting would positively enhance the appearance of the structure and its relationship to the surrounding townscape.

English heritage was statutorily consulted with regards to this application and did not put forward any objection to the scheme in relation to its impact on the listed structures in the vicinity.

I trust that this response addresses your concerns in relation to the specific points raised in your petition, however please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have any further queries regarding this matter.

Yours sincerely

Richie Gibson
Head of City Promotions, Events and Filming

More details from petition creator

The recent installation of large illuminated advertisement panels to the entrances of the Hyde Park Corner road underpasses are intrusive, dangerous and damage the environment of this sensitive area of London - with its important and rich heritage of buildings, memorials and al so destroys a sensitive site with the memorials to Bomber Command, New Zealand and Canadian War Veterans - to name just some of the nearby memorials affected by this. At night in particular these illuminated panels are very bright - changing and flashing with their displays. This destroys the enjoyment of the illuminated buildings and subtle illumination of the memorials. The distracting nature of the panels also I believe creates a danger to road users who will be looking at these panels just as they are entering the underpass tunnels I fear it is only a matter of time before there is a serious accident.

I cannot imagine how the planning department ever allowed the erection of these panels and how they imagined that they were suitable for this location.

These should be removed as quickly as possible.

Current signatories

Timothy Croisdale, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Paul Dimoldenberg