Petition to: Preserve the name Middlesex Hospital Chapel

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to Preserve the name Middlesex Hospital Chapel. More details

Petition update from the council, 17 June 2014

To: Fitzrovia News

Dear Sirs,

I refer to your recent Petition asking the Council to intervene by taking action to preserve the name “Middlesex Hospital Chapel”. The petition asserts that Exemplar intend renaming the Grade II listed building “Pearson Chapel”.

The City Council has made enquiries with Exemplar to seek clarification and they deny that there is any existing proposal to rename the building ‘Pearson Chapel’. Exemplar has explained that the Chapel’s future use will be as a community facility, which will be open to the public for all to enjoy.

A Steering Group has been set up to form a Chapel Trust, which will take overall responsibility of the Community Centre Building upon its completion. I have been assured that no new name has been agreed, as they have not progressed as far as appointing trustees yet.

Once Trustees have agreed upon a name, it has to be submitted to the City Council for our approval under Part II of the London Building (Amendment) Act 1939. It is my sincere hope that the Trustees take into account local views before submitting an application.

Yours sincerely

Councillor Robert Davis DL
Deputy Leader of the Council
and Cabinet Member for the Built Environment

More details from petition creator

Middlesex Hospital Chapel, Mortimer Street, is a grade II* listed building. The developers Exemplar, Aviva and Kaupthing who are restoring it want to drop the words Middlesex and Hospital and call the building either Pearson Chapel or Pearson Hall. There is strong local and international feeling that the name Middlesex Hospital Chapel should be retained, not erased. Its name is part of its heritage status.

Current signatories

Pete Whyatt, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Linus Rees
  • Harriet Griffey
  • anna tornaghi
  • Sharon Peppard
  • Sacha Brooks
  • Jennifer Kavanagh
  • Edward Kellow
  • Laurence Glynne
  • John Barnes
  • Sue Blundell
  • alison matthews
  • Chris Kelly
  • Ann Goodburn
  • Lucinda Butlin
  • Meredith Maxwell
  • Drew Stevenson
  • Barbara Ewing
  • Jacqueline Glasser
  • Dominic Pinto
  • Barb Jacobson
  • theresa brady
  • Jessie Turner
  • denise Julien
  • Father Alan Moses
  • Shirley Springer
  • Christine Beddoe
  • Doreen Jones
  • Attia Attia
  • Sandra Wheen
  • Martin G Woolley
  • Alexander Stevenson
  • Roshinee Aloysius
  • Barry Miles
  • Garry Hunter
  • Michael Pentelow
  • Carmen Villaverde
  • Gretta cole
  • Phylippa Levine
  • Helena Roden
  • Nick Luckman
  • Brian Jarman
  • R Lunn
  • C Lunn
  • prudence stevenson
  • Jeremy Davis
  • Judith Amanthis
  • Ted Craig
  • Christina Johnson
  • George Savvides
  • Vivienne Loesch
  • Barbara Attia
  • Tamzin Muir
  • mustafa mahmut
  • evans david
  • Gwilym Harbottle
  • Belen Villaverde
  • Manuel Villaverde
  • jose mendonca
  • Julia P ELLIS
  • David Bridle
  • Rumanna Akther
  • Karen Syme
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  • Eoghain Murphy
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  • valerie lenthall
  • Mark Teverson
  • E a Mendes
  • Louise Joly
  • Wyn Newman
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  • heather lane
  • Tim Carnegie
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  • Murad Qureshi AM
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