Petition to: Keep Westminster's CCTV turned on!

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to Keep Westminster's CCTV turned on!. More details

Petition update from the council, 05 August 2016

Dear Mr Heaton

Thank you for the submission of your petition regarding the Council’s decision to cease providing a crime and disorder CCTV service in Westminster. The petition received 37 signatories and is now closed as its deadline has passed.

The Council’s CCTV network is used primarily on a reactive basis by the police and therefore does not serve as a significant deterrent. This is supported by both independent research into the use of CCTV and the Council’s own usage data. The police have informed us that CCTV is only used to assist in dealing with approximately 2% of all reported crime in Westminster. We do not know how many of these 2% of crimes ended in successful prosecutions as a result of the use of CCTV.

We have been in discussion with business partners, the Police, the Greater London Authority and Government for a number of years regarding the issue of ongoing CCTV running costs. Unfortunately, we have not had any firm commitments in terms of ongoing funding support, or taking on the daily operation of the service from us which we would be more than willing to consider.

Criminals do not care for borders, thus the best solution would be to have a pan-London CCTV network. A number of senior council officers and politicians have been in discussions with partner agencies and businesses on this issue for some time and we will continue to support the police and other partners in working to achieve this.

This decision will only affect the Council’s CCTV network. Other CCTV networks, such as those owned by Transport for London, private businesses, housing associations and many others will remain operational.

I hope that this explains reasons behind the Council’s decision. We will continue to work with police and other partner agencies to tackle issues of local concern and to build on the many other crime prevention initiatives that are in place.

Yours sincerely

Stuart Love
Executive Director City Management and Communities
Westminster City Council

More details from petition creator

Throughout our lives we have been surrounded by eyes in the sky, those little things that move from left to right, being there for us when we need them, defending us in court, putting that criminal behind bars due to what they have witnessed - Our Westminster CCTV.

Westminster council are turning off ALL 75 CCTV CAMERAS in Westminster on the 1st September - We believe that this is going to result in an increase in robberies, drug misuse, assaults, rape and many other crimes. We also believe that the Police would no longer be able to track a terrorist's movements, would no longer be able to follow someone that has just committed a serious crime or even see over a stop & search that an officer needs. We need these cameras kept on, please sign this petition to keep us all safe. Thank you.

Current signatories

Jake Heaton, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Justin King
  • Andrea Mann
  • Paul Dimoldenberg
  • Darren Brain
  • Niels Brabandt
  • Murad Gassanly
  • Sophia Massey-Cook
  • john zamit
  • Bhavna Parmar
  • J read
  • Rose Doyle
  • Adi
  • Muhammad Dar
  • M Shahban
  • edward brennen
  • Ade
  • Linda humphrey
  • Martin Smith
  • Robert Munroe
  • Vali Dembele
  • Patricia brennen
  • Louise Eldridge
  • Martin Allen
  • J iqbal
  • Murtala
  • Umer Ashfaq
  • Henir Karemera
  • Joanna smith
  • angela eldridge
  • Mark Hansen
  • R McIntyre
  • Christopher Bateman
  • Tom Chapman
  • Natalie Man
  • Patrick James McCARTHY
  • Laura Bowen