Petition to: Ban taxis from idling in Paddington Station

We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to Ban taxis from idling in Paddington Station. More details

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According to MPs, UK air pollution is a public health emergency.

Large enclosed stations like Paddington tend to exceed the EU (and therefore UK by proxy) annual legal weeks within roughly a couple of weeks.

The giant taxi rank between the central reservation and London underground/Paddington Basin is very convenient - but there are countless cabs idling for extensive lengths of time every day. The smell of diesel up there is unmistakable.

We Londoners must all work to reduce particulate matter, NOx and other harmful emissions. Idling is illegal on public roads, and advised against by TfL amongst other public bodies.

We ask that the City of Westminster would work with Paddington Station to enforce the law against idling at the taxi rank inside the station, and any others in the borough.

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