Petition to: Not to evict Ebury Surplus food from their community space.

We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to Not to evict Ebury Surplus food from their community space. More details

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For the past six years Ebury surplus food has been working in the local community to address food poverty and help those most at need. We have provided countless amounts of food, baby supplies, house hold products and furniture to those who have little other recourse. We have also worked with and supported youth centres and school projects throughout the holidays. Furthermore, we have played a vital role in the community throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, delivering up to 86 food parcels twice a week. We have very little funds and rely on donations, so being able to use our current space to work from is vital for the future of our project.

Despite having an agreement that we could continue using our current space, we have now been informed that we must vacate our current premises within six months. Our project is a popular and important community asset and has provided help and support to local people when they have most needed it. We call on Westminster council not to evict Ebury Surplus food and to guarantee us a space to work from until Doneraile House is regenerated.

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