Petition to: remove co-operation with the government over President Donald Trump's state visit to the UK

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to remove co-operation with the government over President Donald Trump's state visit to the UK. More details

Petition update from the council, 04 April 2017

Dear Ms Mann,

I am writing to you as lead petitioner in response to the petition received by the Council entitled 'remove co-operation with the government over President Donald Trump's state visit to the UK'. The petition has now closed and received a total of 93 signatures.

The Council is not in a position to withdraw co-operation for such events as it does not participate in state visits as an interested party or in a civic role.

The Council has a number of statutory responsibilities in such events and a duty to co-operate, not least to ensure the safety and security of its residents and, by extension, visitors to the borough, are protected. Any visit by President Trump, or other Heads of State, is likely to attract large crowds and to withdraw our co-operation would seriously hinder our ability to protect our citizens. In addition, the Met Police have considerable powers to override any objections we might have, for example to traffic plans etc., and can ask us to enforce closures if they deem it necessarily. So in short, the Council will play an appropriate role in discharging its statutory duties on any state visit.

I trust this responds to your query but please do let me know if you have any further questions.

Yours sincerely

Charlie Parker
Chief Executive

More details from petition creator

We call on Westminster City Council to remove co-operation with the government over President Donald Trump’s state visit.

President Trump's politics are racist, misogynistic and nationalistic, and clash with fundamental values of equality, tolerance and inclusion. His travel ban targeting Muslims is deeply divisive, distressing and unacceptable – and it remains unclear how it affects Westminster residents with dual nationality from the seven countries in question.

We believe that Westminster Council should not use its resources – or taxpayers’ money – to facilitate a state visit by a leader with such policies.

Trump’s state visit is likely to include 10 Downing Street, Buckingham Palace and other Westminster landmarks, and would normally be supported by the Council’s special events and transport teams. Withholding such support would make his visit difficult to proceed and send a strong signal to both the UK and US governments about the values that we in Westminster uphold.

Unless the Trump administration reverses its travel ban, Westminster Council should immediately remove cooperation with central government over this state visit.

Current signatories

Andrea Mann, the petition creator, joined by:

  • John McMenamin
  • Paul Dimoldenberg
  • Jeremy Cook
  • Andre Mesquita
  • Frank Brinkley
  • Ceri Thomas
  • Christopher Ward
  • Joshua Gladwin
  • Neil Reeve
  • Krista Herron
  • Melissa Anchisi
  • Justin Maynard
  • Andrew Mitchell
  • Conroy Lowe
  • Chris Skinner
  • Huw Russell
  • Paul Bailey
  • Simon Wyatt
  • Eleanor Stringer
  • Peter Henderson
  • Michael Wright
  • Hilary Cornwell
  • Peter Gostev
  • Robin McGhee
  • Sam Page
  • Jennifer Bellanich
  • Joseph Steyne
  • Jonathan Durgan
  • nida
  • Daniel Thompson
  • David Boothroyd
  • Jo Hutchinson
  • Pancho Lewis
  • Matt Noble
  • Lucy Doig
  • David Stansby
  • John Loudoun
  • Peter Wansbrough
  • Tim Guest
  • Mark Bray-Parry
  • Martin Conway
  • Samm Desmond
  • Caroline Saville
  • Colin Appleby
  • Helen Austerberry
  • elisabeth brooke
  • barbara johnston
  • Naomi Smith
  • Ilina Georgieva
  • Terence Williams
  • Ariane Hanman
  • Rhian
  • Angus C Cameron
  • Nicholas Keyworth
  • Robert ryan
  • B S Dickson
  • Jonquin Eden
  • Alnoor Bhatia
  • Aran Gray
  • Elena Rosa Brown
  • Susan Fairlamb
  • Fleur Brennan
  • Colin Brennan
  • Nora Brennan
  • Jonathan Sloman
  • Emma Whitehead
  • Margaret Houston
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  • Maureen OConnor
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  • Hannah Whitehill
  • Catherine Lamb
  • Rosie Woodroffe
  • Viv Pribram
  • Margaret Lynch
  • Johanna Stanghon
  • Nicolas Kent
  • Valerie Robertson
  • Gordon Ridout
  • Frederick Pyne
  • Tania Levitt
  • Elizabeth Martindale
  • Rosemary Lewis
  • Rita Begum
  • Anneka Dawson
  • Joe Darrall
  • Nafsika Thalassis