Petition to: Keep the Cheshire Cheese, 5 Little Essex Street, Temple, London WC2R 3LD as a (class A4) public house

We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to Keep the Cheshire Cheese, 5 Little Essex Street, Temple, London WC2R 3LD as a (class A4) public house. More details

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This historic pub stands to lose its function room, kitchen, living accommodation for staff and part of the downstairs bar. The function room is used by : The Rotary Club, League Darts Teams, Committee Meetings, Freemasons, Office Parties, Fantasy Football Club, Charity Quiz Nights for various charities, and many more age related groups. The pub screens sporting events. WIFI is available for customers, and there is the occasional Real Ale event. The pub also supports other local groups by advertising their events. The menu would be lost as the kitchen is going. The pub also provides access to free newspapers and local employment. The plan is for the pub to lose everything above ground level, including the function room which is used as a resource by so many. Changing the use of the pub from a (class A4) public house to (class C3) residential from first to third floors to provide three 1 bed units. Even the ground floor would be affected by the provision of access to the above floors.

Petition Rejected

This petition has been rejected because:

  • It was an issue for which an e-petition is not the appropriate channel

Additional information about this rejection:
The Council's Petition Scheme excludes petitions on individual planning and licensing applications as separate processes already exist for communities to have their say on such applications. Attached below is a link to the Council's planning pages where comments on Planning Applications can be submitted for consideration and the progress of applications can be tracked.