Petition to: take action to clamp down on the havoc caused by the Audley Square development

We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to take action to clamp down on the havoc caused by the Audley Square development. More details

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Conservative-led Westminster Council must take immediate action to rein in the havoc and chaos that Caudwell is causing for those who live around the Audley Square development area in Mayfair.

Rules determining when construction is allowed to happen are repeatedly relaxed with backing from the Council. This results in what is experienced as an interminable extension of very noisy works, causing extreme disturbance and disruption for residents.

The development has been going on for years. Enough is enough. Residents have had enough and demand that there is proper regulation of the development, not the free for all that is currently permitted - worse still actively endorsed.

Current signatories

Cllr Pancho Lewis & Patrick Lilley, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Paul
  • Marc Whitley
  • Jessica Toale
  • Judith Southern
  • Stelio Stefanou
  • Linda Renkwitz
  • Baron Von Pfetten
  • Martin Healy
  • Emma Healy
  • Alan Berry
  • Hernan Hernan Sorate de la Fuente