This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to CEASE PRODUCTION AND POSTAL DISTRIBUTION OF WESTMINSTER REPORTER MAGAZINE. More details

Petition update from the council, 15 September 2017

Dear Sally Wilby,

Please see the council’s response to the petition regarding the Westminster Reporter magazine:

We would like to thank the petitioner and everyone who signed the petition for sharing their views with us about the Westminster Reporter. We believe it remains an effective way of sharing information about council policies and services with local tax payers. In our most recent survey of residents, 79% said they had seen the Reporter in the previous six months and (of those who had seen it), 86% said they find it useful. However, we would ask that anyone who does not wish to receive a copy of the Reporter to contact us at to request to be removed from the mailing list. We would like to apologise to anyone who has previously asked to be removed from the distribution list but has then received a copy in the post.


Robin Campbell
Head of Campaigns and Customer Engagement
Westminster City Council

More details from petition creator

I believe very few Westminster residents positively welcome the Westminster Reporter magazine and it is not widely read. Individual requests over several years to opt out of receiving the magazine have failed, resulting in considerable waste. The resources spent on this publication could surely be better used.

Current signatories

Sally Wilby, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Paul Dimoldenberg
  • Spencer Carter
  • Carole spedding
  • Glynis Wilson
  • N May
  • Monica McCormack
  • Rory O'Sullivan
  • Stephen Patriquen
  • Tessa Morrison
  • Lee Gilbert
  • Kasia Martin
  • Jean Fernandes
  • Peter Robinson
  • Rohan Mehra
  • Danielle Conroy
  • Sabine Alwart
  • alan gleeson
  • Roderick Hall
  • Matt Noble
  • ABP
  • Joe Ogden
  • Tim Forrest
  • Patrizio Saliani
  • Peter Cook
  • Fiona Robertson
  • Christian Bloch
  • Ian Seagrave
  • Frederick McLeod
  • Debra Stein
  • Frank Miller
  • Caroline Dehe
  • Bruce Cadbury
  • Tracey Bennett
  • Rob W Thompson
  • nikola sutherland
  • Joann Brislan
  • David Elwen
  • Claudia Kimmel
  • Linda Blandford-Harrell
  • Mr J H Stephen
  • J A Harwood
  • James Hewitt
  • John Campbell
  • Mark Gilkes
  • Sarah Lutyens
  • Chiwai Tsang
  • David Setchell
  • Kevin McCain
  • Veronica Mockler
  • Robin Ball
  • Thomas Trager
  • Maureen Ashley
  • Diana Homsy
  • Charles Doxat
  • Mark Allan
  • Alexandra Ranson
  • Rebecca Anderson
  • Sarah Pakenham
  • Garry Hunter
  • Paule Michele TERRY
  • Lindy McManus
  • Jennifer Hornsby
  • Barbara Waine
  • Allen Lloyd Thomas
  • Caroline Hope