Petition to: make a pedestrian crossing on both sides of Wigmore & Welbeck Streets.

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to make a pedestrian crossing on both sides of Wigmore & Welbeck Streets. More details

Petition update from the council, 05 April 2017

Dear Ms Scott,

Thank you for your petition which closed on 29th May 2016 regarding pedestrian safety and your request for a pedestrian green man phase at the junction of Wigmore Street and Welbeck Street. I apologise for the delay in responding to this.

Your concerns regarding pedestrian safety and a request for pedestrian green man phase at this location are understood. The City Council is currently undertaking a feasibility study under the Oxford Street Transformation scheme, which will include the junction of Wigmore Street and Welbeck Street. Early indications are that this junction will be considered for an all pedestrian green man phase.

In the meantime, in view of your concerns, the City Council has raised the matter with Transport for London (TfL) to review the signal layout and timings at this junction.

Yours sincerely,

Simon Morgan
Programme and Contract Manager
Highways and Public Realm

Westminster City Council

More details from petition creator

On 27 April, 2016 at approximately 2:20pm a woman lost her life in a gruesome & tragic accident involving a HGV on Wigmore Street in front of John Bell & Croydon Pharmacy. That is a notoriously dangerous place to cross as there is no pedestrian crossing.There is a crossing the other side of the intersection but that is clearly not sufficient as people need to cross both sides. Also, both sides of Welbeck street have no pedestrian crossing. It is crossing at your own risk there as well as taxis fly down both sections of that street. This is an extremely busy area for both cars and pedestrians, however, something has to be done to avoid another incident like this happening. Also, HGV's traveling down busy roads in Central London at lunchtime should not be allowed. We understand that constructions work needs to carry on, however, HGV movement should be restricted.

Current signatories

Sonia Scott, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Rebecca Ganaway
  • Maria Taliotis
  • Jarmila Pospisilova
  • Leigh-Ann Kirby
  • Emily Birtles
  • Sophie Jackson
  • Meg Lustman
  • Yael Bendahan
  • Daisy Whymark
  • Jennifer Rato
  • Azzurra Aorbi
  • Ting Chen
  • Katherin Garcia
  • Claire Ford
  • Kelsey Turpin
  • Lauren Harrington
  • Lloyd Austins
  • Richard Ward
  • Beth Pickles
  • Holly Anderson
  • Ashley Lister
  • Arianne Howitt
  • Andrew Crowe
  • Georgina Woodard
  • Brandon Cathcart-Cunnison
  • Susan Last
  • andrew broadley
  • Danuta Grosz
  • Jessica ODonnell
  • Olivia Owen
  • Sabrina Raible
  • Courtney Kennedy-Sanigar
  • Mary-Anne Veit
  • Bethan Foster
  • Ainhoa Bilbao
  • Georgina
  • Megan Anscomb
  • Ellie Fawkes
  • Roxanne White
  • Shirley Gibbs
  • Alicia Noble
  • Penny Gibbs
  • William Mobbs
  • Daisy Fisher
  • Charlotte Harris
  • Emma Osborn
  • Harriet Lowes
  • Louise Duporte
  • Anchal Lalji
  • Chantal Calliste
  • Natalie Cox
  • Christina Wright
  • Farzana Ahmed
  • Anna Braithwaite
  • heather sharpe
  • Faye Logue
  • Jessica Murrell
  • Elizabeth Lunn
  • Abigail Anderson
  • Emma Hooper
  • Sidonie Pannell
  • Amy Hillier
  • Claire Williams
  • Jo Brosnan
  • Lorna Woodburn
  • Amaka Iloduba
  • Emily Sensier
  • camilla
  • Rachel Moran
  • Paul Griffiths
  • Katy Bovingdon