Petition to: make Ormonde Terrace (NW8 7LR) a one-way street to reduce speeding, risky car and truck manoeuvres, noise and pollution levels.

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to make Ormonde Terrace (NW8 7LR) a one-way street to reduce speeding, risky car and truck manoeuvres, noise and pollution levels. More details

Petition update from the council, 12 August 2020

When considering traffic management changes we first look at personal injury collision (PIC’s) and if available speed and volume data. To confirm there have been no recorded PIC’s within Ormonde Terrace for the most recent three years of data available. An important point to consider is that with one way road we see increased vehicles speeds due to the removal of opposing flow.

Other factors of consideration are cost, and displaced traffic. To undertake a scheme such as this the cost would be circa £20K - £30K for design, consultation, traffic management orders, illuminated traffic signs and road markings. In terms of displaced traffic we would see an increase of vehicles exiting adjoining roads and this situation with restricted movement can polarise a local community.

We do acknowledge that the road is narrow however there are good sight lines and places to wait/pass. It is appreciated that this would not be the preferred response but we are unable to progress with one way operation of Ormende Terrace at this time.

However, the council is in the process of implementing a 20mph borough wide speed limit to reduce traffic speeds to help make our roads, safer, healthier and greener for everyone.

More details from petition creator

Please join me in petitioning for a safer, quieter and cleaner Ormonde Terrace! The proposed one-way direction for traffic (cars only!) on Ormonde Terrace will be from Prince Albert Rd to St Edmund's Terrace (uphill). The positives outweigh the negatives by a million. Positives: No cars/delivery drivers speeding downhill; No cars making dangerous moves such as making a full turn in our small street, or cars and trucks driving in reverse due to traffic driving up and down at the same time; Greener air due to the drivig speed going down, especially for those living on the ground- and lower floor levels. Negative: None.No traffic constrains or bottlenecks are expected. In fact, the street will be a lot quieter, as traffic can flow easier through the street as it currently is not wide enough to provide two ways it currently does.

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