Petition to: Challenge the decision by CityWest Home Management Board to close the office based at 20 Tothill House.

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to Challenge the decision by CityWest Home Management Board to close the office based at 20 Tothill House. More details

Petition update from the council, 26 September 2016

Dear Ms Usanga,

Thank you for your letter of 22 August 2016 and copy of the petition regarding the future use of the former Grosvenor Estate Office at 20 Tothill House.

You have indicated that was a statutory need to consult residents in relation to the relocation of the Grosvenor team. The statutory need to consult relates to matters that affect residents housing or if the way in which housing services are delivered are dramatically changed. The relocation of the Grosvenor Estate Office to Charlwood Street does not meet either of these criteria.

Your petition proposes that the space should be used as a community centre. There is a large community centre approximately 50 metres away from the location of the former Grosvenor Estate Office. The community centre is available to hire for the local community and there would be little value to adding an additional community space in such close proximity.

Plans are currently underway to restore the former Grosvenor Estate Office into a much needed ground floor residential unit to be allocated to a family on the housing waiting list.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any further assistance.

Yours sincerely,

Leon Williams
Area Manager

More details from petition creator

Moratorium on the decision to turn 20 Tothill (formerley known as Grosvenor Estate Office) into a flat.

Request to use the space known as 20 Tothill House SW1P: 1) As a community centre, 2) To be designated as an asset of community value.

The duty to consult is statutory and we feel that this duty has been breached.

Not all or no adequate consultation - Residents engagement and consultation was only undertaken after CityWest Homes Board had taken the decision to close the estate office.

General disregard of the Local Compact - De-commissioning of the Estate Office - has been taken contrary to the views of the majority of residents. CityWest Homes claim that they consulted three residents, two of them objected and are signatory to the application. You will note the number of signatories to this application far exceed the number of those CityWest Homes claims support or having no major objection to the closure.

Under the Social Value Act as provided in the Local Government Act 1999, we as a community of people living in the Grosvenor Estate should have been consulted on before the idea to close out estate office was put before the CityWest Home Management Board and subsequently before the Cabinet member for Housing at Westminster City Council and the three elected Councillors for the Vincent Square Ward.

With reference to the Social Value Act, we wish to use our right under the Community Right to Challenge to require that Westminster City Council as the landlord to designate the said property as an asset of community value.

We the undersigned chalenge the decision to close the estate office. Challenge and put to proof that CityWest Homes and management followed its and Westminster City Council guidelines in consulting residents on issues directly affecting them.

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