Petition to: Introduce parking restrictions 24/7 in Harcourt Street (right side kerb) to prevent TfL vehicles to park there at night

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to Introduce parking restrictions 24/7 in Harcourt Street (right side kerb) to prevent TfL vehicles to park there at night. More details

Petition update from the council, 31 October 2017

Dear Ms Potel,

I am writing in response to a petition you lodged with Westminster City Council on 25 August 2017 re TfL vehicles parking and causing disturbance at unsociable hours in Harcourt Street. Yours was the only signature the petition attracted. I appreciate you are being (or at least have been) disturbed by the activity you describe, but I must advise that the Council has limited powers with which to address these issues.

In terms of the parking, the Council do not consider it appropriate to convert this section of single yellow line to double yellow lines or to a loading ban area: Harcourt Street supports parking on both sides of the road and 24/7 restrictions (i.e. double yellow lines) would mean that there would be significantly less immediate visitor parking available for your fellow Harcourt Street residents or for church-goers during the evenings, overnight and on Sundays. As single yellow lines allow parking outside of controlled hours (controlled hours in this case are 08:30 to 18:30 Monday to Saturday) we are unable to insist TfL park their vehicles elsewhere.

In terms of the vehicle idling you describe, we can enforce against this at any time of the day if it is considered ‘unnecessary’. I have therefore notified our parking enforcement team of the issue so that the location can be visited by Marshals at appropriate times.

As regards the noise issue, I have been advised by colleagues in the Council’s Noise team that the Council has no powers concerning individuals’ voices in a street. The fact that these individuals arrive in a vehicle is incidental and falls outside of existing noise legislation. In terms of the slamming of vehicle doors, again while it is appreciated that this is an annoyance, the legislation is specific in that a Statutory Noise Abatement Notice must be served upon the person or business responsible for the noise, so in this case this would be the individual (rather than TfL). Equally important is that each incident has to be treated as a single occurrence and Statutory Nuisance provisions mean that a single occurrence of such short duration cannot be considered to be Statutory Nuisance.

I am sorry that I cannot be more helpful but as stated previously our powers are limited concerning such issues. If this problem is still occurring, I would suggest that you raise this with TfL directly, providing them with the details of any vehicles involved.


Darren Montague
Service Implementation Manager
Parking Services
Westminster City Council

More details from petition creator

Every week night, at around 11 pm and then again at around 5 am a number of Transport for London (TfL) vehicles park on the right side of Harcourt Street (Swedish Church side), causing unacceptable noise pollution for the neighbourhood.

TfL drivers speak loudly between them, they keep their engines running for long periods, and slam their vehicles' doors very loudly.

This is happening every single night from Monday through Thursday and this is no longer sustainable.

Please sign this petition so Westminster Council will take action to either restrict parking and waiting on that side of the road 24/7, or have TfL park their vehicles somewhere else.

Thank you in advance for you support, so we can all get our sleep back.

Current signatories

So far, only Auriane Potel, the petition creator, has signed this petition.