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We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to Traffic calming. More details

Petition update from the council, 28 March 2014

Dear Mr Michalopoulos,

Re: Petition for Traffic Calming at Sutherland Avenue, W9

Thank you for submitting a petition via the Council’s website. This was supported by only one other signature.

In the 36 months period to 31 October 2013, there were 44 reported personal injury accidents in Sutherland Avenue, concentrated mainly at junctions. Of these, two were classified as serious and 42 were classified as slight. Exceeding the speed limit or travelling too fast for the conditions was a contributory factor in only one of these accidents.

Given your concerns about speeding vehicles and traffic noise in Sutherland Avenue, arrangements will be made to commission a speed survey in April 2014. Thanks again for bringing this matter to my attention.

Yours sincerely,

Rosemarie MacQueen
Strategic Director Public Realm

More details from petition creator

Dear Sir or Madam

i have recently moved to a new property at 193 Sutherland Avenue , W9 1ET in Maida Vale.

My property is facing a roundabout at the top of Sutherland Avenue and sideways faces Sutherland Avenue itself. Cars coming off the roundabout and entering sutherland avenue are speeding their way on Sutherland Avenue. This creates significant noise in the area but most importantly hazard of an accident occuring.

Although there are traffic calming signs detecting vehicles with over 30mph speed, drivers ignore the sign. Sutheland Avenue is a significantly wide lane street and a straight line towards Harrow Road and drivers once on it , speed a lot.

Could you please review the above and monitor should you wish so and you will realise that cars do more than 50mph as soon as they enter Sutherland Avenue.

Many thanks

Flat 3 193 Sutherland Avenue W9 1ET

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