Petition to: Change/adopt new rules around limiting construction and works being performed in a certain area or radius at any give time.

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to Change/adopt new rules around limiting construction and works being performed in a certain area or radius at any give time. More details

Petition update from the council, 06 December 2018

Dear Mr Naim

I write in response to your petition to Westminster City Council regarding the number of work sites in Mayfair.

Whilst I appreciate your concerns regarding the impacts of the construction phase of these developments, unfortunately the City Council is not in a position to either refuse planning permission or prevent/delay the implementation of planning permissions on this basis. National planning legislation and guidance sets out that planning applications should be judged on their planning merits and it is not reasonable to refuse permission on the basis that other developments have been approved nearby. There are certain limited circumstances for very large scale proposals which are subject to Environmental Impact Assessment where cumulative impacts are taken into account in the assessment of the proposals in accordance with national legislation however applications of this scale are limited in number. I would also note that where planning permission is granted for a development, national legislation provides that the applicant is generally afforded up to 3 years from the date of permission to begin to implement the permission (except in certain limited circumstances where a longer period may be allowed) and there is no requirement for the development to be completed within a specific timescale. As such, the City Council cannot influence when a particular planning permission may be begun and how long the construction phase may take.

Whilst it is accepted that the construction phase of developments may have temporary impacts on the local area, which may for example, include noise and dust etc, it would not be reasonable to refuse planning permission on this basis. Some developments, depending on their scale, may be subject to monitoring under the Council’s Code of Construction Practice: This code allows for officers to monitor the impact of the construction works on the local environment in respect of larger scale schemes and basement proposals in order to manage and minimise the impact. If there are particular developments in your local area which you consider to raise specific issues in terms of excessive noise or dust etc, you may wish to provide the address of the site in question and I can ask my colleagues in the Environmental Inspectorate and/or the Planning Enforcement Team to investigate if the developers are in compliance with their permissions including the Code of Construction Practice if relevant.

I hope this information is of assistance,

Kind regards

Claragh Mulhern

Principal Development Planning Officer

More details from petition creator

I live and work in Mayfair, in the radius of that small area in central London I have counted 25 separate work sites not including the cross-rail works being achieved around Bond street. On Grosvenor Square alone, there are 6 construction sites and they are all full demolition and rebuild which will last for the fore sable future.

I just ask that some common sense be applied to distributing these permits, I am forced on a daily basis to endure noise pollution and particle pollution to the higher degree which could be counteracted by a common-sense approach of controlling the amount of work sites at once to limit it. I have lived here for 5 years and its always been as construction heavy, so this is not temporary.

Nobody cares about this as we (Westminster residents) are considered as privileged residents and that on a more general basis Mayfair is treated as a tourist and office area where nobody lives but id like this to change to call to the planning commission to consider the health of its Westminster residents they are supposed to support not to support how much money these sites will bring to the council.

I will gladly support this view in front of any public servant or meeting.

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