Petition to: Urgently Implement Pedestrian Priority Works in Soho

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to Urgently Implement Pedestrian Priority Works in Soho. More details

Petition update from the council, 23 April 2012

Thank you for your online petition, submitted under the Council’s Petition Scheme, calling for more pedestrian priority works in Soho. In addition to the petition I understand that you also presented your proposals to the Soho Steering Group on Monday 26th March which is chaired by West End Ward Councillor Glenys Roberts and is attended by Council officers, local residents, businesses and landowners.

My officers have carefully considered the issues that you raise through your petition and as presented by you and Living Streets at the Steering Group meeting last month.

As you are aware, Soho is currently under significant pressure from Crossrail works and other major developments which must be completed before any changes to vehicle or indeed pedestrian movement/access can be considered. In addition to these factors, any major improvement to the public realm can only come about with the injection of capital funding. As funding becomes available we are able to implement schemes appropriate for the Soho area and which seek to meet your objectives. Overall, however, the council must ensure that its streets are safe for all users and has a programme of maintenance and other measures to ensure that is the case. Measures such as footway repairs, clean streets and street lighting can all improve the pedestrian experience.

In recent years we, along with landowners and TfL, have completed pedestrian priority and improvement schemes in Kingly Street, Ganton Street (west) (completed April 2012) and we are about to implement a pedestrian priority scheme in Ganton Street East. With funding from the Mayor, we will be implementing public realm improvement schemes in Peter Street and Rupert Street in this financial year, both of which aim to improve accessibility for pedestrians along this important walking corridor from Piccadilly Circus to Oxford Street.

In December 2011, the council published its Local Implementation Plan (LIP) which details our response to the Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy and also how we go about balancing the complex needs of the different users of the City. This can be found on our website using the following link:

Westminster’s total LIP allocation for the three year period 2011/12 – 2013/14 is £11.6m, which is the largest allocation out of all the London boroughs.

The council has a policy in its adopted Core Strategy (CS40) entitled ‘Pedestrian Movement and Sustainable Transport’ which states that all developments will prioritise pedestrian movement and the creation of a convenient, attractive and safe pedestrian environment with particular emphasis in areas with high pedestrian volumes or peaks. Supplementing this policy, the Council also has an adopted Supplementary Planning Document called ‘The Westminster Way’ which takes on board the methodology for assessing pedestrian footway capacity in the Mayor of London's Pedestrian Comfort Guidance for London. Both of these documents can be found on our website:

Every scheme that is implemented is subjected to the principles in the Westminster Way at an early stage.

On a local level, Soho has an adopted action plan, which aims to bring about improvements to the lives of residents and visitors to Soho in a number of different ways including a number of actions related to improvement of the public realm. You can see a full copy of the action plan also on our website:

All of these policies ensure that we are striking the right balance for Westminster in terms of managing and improving the public realm.

If you have any further questions regarding existing and future public realm improvements in Soho you can contact Lydia Clarkson, the Area Programme Manager, by email:, or by phone on 020 7641 8553.

Yours sincerely,

Strategic Director Built Environment

More details from petition creator

Soho's streets need a reallocation of space away from speeding traffic to pedestrians and shoppers. It's visitors to the area who are key to its success - the area gains nothing from being a rat-run.

We need pedestrian priority works, speed restrictions, sensitive traffic calming, pavement widening.

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