Petition to: Funding for Penfold Hub Activity Centre

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We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to Funding for Penfold Hub Activity Centre. More details

Petition update from the council, 15 August 2019

Dear Pat Rowell

Thank you for your letter/petition in relation to the Penfold Hub and the loss of NHS funding.

We were very disappointed that our NHS partners, Central London Clinical Commissioning Group and West London Clinical Commissioning Group, withdrew their financial contribution to the contract Westminster City Council has with Notting Hill Genesis to provide the range of activities delivered from the Penfold Hub.

The Council has maintained its funding in the service at its previous levels, and Council Officers have worked with Notting Hill Genesis (NHG) to keep the service open, despite the withdrawal of NHS funding. We agreed jointly with NHG that the revised timetable would be at times when the Hub is most used and on the activities that are most popular and not widely available in the community.

As a result, since the new contract in April 2019, Notting Hill Genesis has been able to provide access to the Hub and activities Monday – Thursday. Whilst other income secured by NHG has meant they have been able to supplement the funding from the Council, the Hub will be closed for 4 weeks in August and re-open in September.

The Council does work to ensure residents have a good quality of life in their local community with access to a range of services so as to reduce the risk of loneliness and isolation. Council Officers are reviewing daytime activities and day services across Westminster in order to plan for 2020. They visited the Penfold Hub on 18th July 2019 to seek the views of people who access the Hub on the current provision and ask about other services they access in the community and also what activities they would like to see in the future. We’ll be taking these views into account to finalise longer term plans for day opportunities across the city.

Our partnership work with Notting Hill Genesis will continue and we can provide support to help secure external funding to supplement the contract income from the Council.

I hope that this is helpful and will keep you informed of our future plans.

Yours sincerely

Cllr Heather Acton
Cabinet Member for Family Services and Public Health

More details from petition creator

We the signatures below, as well as the many other older people who attend the Penfold Hub activity centre in Church Street are concerned about loss of funding to the Centre. The financial support the centre has received in the past has kept a place for lonely and disabled people to look forward to coming to as well as creating a place which brings a variety of people from all section of the community together which is so essential in this day and age. The loss of the funding has reduced the staff to one – regretfully loosing a very friendly, thoughtful, organised and helpful member of staff. We have been informed that the loss of the income and reduction in staff will result in the Hub closing for the month of August and that when it reopens in September there will be a further reduction in activities. We will miss our much-welcomed coach trips to the seaside as well as the trips to Kew Gardens. We have already lost the Art Tutor and in the future possibly our Tai Chi tutor as well. As a group of local residents who regularly attend the Centre, we have been very active in raising funds and raised £616.00 in two hours at a recent garden open day at Penfold. But cannot hope to make up for the loss in funding and we worry that our centre will not be around in 2020.; Whilst we are grateful for the funding that Westminster City Council makes available to the Penfold Hub, we would ask that your reconsider your decision not to increase the level of funding in order that the Hud does not have to close throughout the year and do not lose any more activities.

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