Petition to: reconsider their decision for the proposed resurfacing of the track at Paddington Recreation Ground in the forthcoming months of March and April for the following reasons below;

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to reconsider their decision for the proposed resurfacing of the track at Paddington Recreation Ground in the forthcoming months of March and April for the following reasons below;. More details

Petition update from the council, 17 June 2021

Dear Mr Qureshi

Thank you for your efforts to gather a petition with regards to the refurbishment of the Athletics Track at Paddington Recreation Ground. The petition concluded with a total of 3 signatures. I have provided a response to the points raised in your petition;

• For context; within the petition email it states the date of 8 March 2021, however it should be noted that it was only PE and School Sport activities (i.e. schools) could take place. By-in-large, outdoor sports/activities and facilities could not re-open and/or activities take place until 29 March 2021.
• The closure of the Athletics Track was part of the ‘Phase 2’ capital works which started in Spring 2020. Regular information and updates about the works have been detailed on the ActiveWestminster website and social media channels, as well as via on-site notices throughout Paddington Recreation Ground. We have also kept ward Councillors fully updated throughout the duration the Phase 2 capital works.
• The closure of the Athletics Track and the facilities within it was put in place to safely facilitate the works to complete the new addition of a Parkour Park, the new tarmacking surrounding the athletics track - but mainly to fully replace the athletics track which was last resurfaced in 2012 (this involved complete removal of the current track in its entirety, various sub surface works, new kerbing, new top surface, painting and line marking). Athletic track replacement works are typically carried out in Spring/Summer months, as it needs to be mild and mainly dry. Therefore, the closure was unfortunately unavoidably necessary in order to carry out the works safely and quickly as possible in early Spring.
• Undertaking and completing the works over March/April 2021 enabled us to complete the works on time and reopen the track and other facilities as of 30 April 2021, when the current restrictions had abated somewhat and also in anticipation for what should be a bumper Summer of sport, with the Olympics and Paralympics, The Euros, Wimbledon, various Cricket events incl. the Ashes, Rugby League World Cup and many other major sporting events.
• It was also important that we completed the track works, whilst lockdown largely remained in place as access to the outdoor gym, MUGA, hockey pitch, football pitch - as well the new parkour park, new callisthenics facilities and the new hockey training pitch are all predominantly accessed via the track - therefore delaying completion of the track works until post-lifting of lockdown may well have a compound effect, as it would limit access to those facilities and/or mean the track works would take significantly longer to complete if we was to try and maintain some access to these facilities during the works and what is likely to be an extremely busy period following the likely lifting of lockdown and the bumper Summer of sport.
• Additionally, we marked out a two/three lane running track around the perimeter of the village green, once it had sufficiently dried out to provide some temporary dedicated space for runners. This is something we have done previously and works very well. We also already have ‘marked and measured’ routes around this park in addition to the Junior Parkrun course around the park.

Eugene Minogue, MCIMSPA
Head of Physical Activity, Leisure & Sport (PALS)

More details from petition creator

It completely runs roughshod across the government’s attempt to open up the country from the 8th of March by permitting recreation or exercise outdoors during the present lockdown;

During the lockdowns so far for both athletics and walkers it has been a godsend for local residents to keep both fit and mentally sane in these very difficult times;

It was only recently relaid in the past few years;

Walkers in the Rec including dog walkers do not want runners barging past them breathing heavily because they can not run on the track;

and finally no consultation whatsoever has been undertake for these works and whether it is necessary at all in the present circumstances

Current signatories

Murad Qureshi, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Anna Pan
  • Mary Olivari