Petition to: Make Ormonde Terrace a 1-way street

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to Make Ormonde Terrace a 1-way street. More details

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Ormonde Terrace is very narrow and with the residents parking it means that only 1 car can pass down the street. If a car is coming the other way it has to reverse down the hill towards Prince Albert Road or up the hill to Saint Edmunds Terrace. These are both very dangerous: Prince Albert Road is a busy road and should not be reversed into, and reversing to Saint Edmunds Terrace means reversing past the entrance to the park where there are pedestrians.

In addition, Ormonde Terrace is often used as a short cut from Avenue Road to Prince Albert Road - often by van and buses. Some of these drivers can be aggressive towards someone coming the other way, refusing to reverse. This results in almost daily arguments between drivers outside our homes - on many occasions the tone of the argument is very unpleasant with swearing and threatening language. This is not acceptable for the residents of Ormonde Terrace.

We are therefore petitioning to ask for the road to be made into a one way street, with access from Prince Albert Road only. This will improve safety as people will no longer have to reverse to get out of the way, will stop the confrontations, and prevent Ormonde Terrace being used as a shortcut.

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