Petition to: move the bins from outside the park on Paddington Street to the empty lot opposite on Luxborough Street.

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to move the bins from outside the park on Paddington Street to the empty lot opposite on Luxborough Street. More details

Petition update from the council, 24 September 2018

Dear Ms Testino,

Thank you for submitting your petition calling on the council to move the bins from outside the park on Paddington Street to the empty lot opposite on Luxborough Street.

Planning permission was originally secured in 2014 for the ‘empty lot’ to be the site for the new Marylebone Library but the library is now to be accommodated as part of the Seymour Leisure Centre on Seymour Street. As you may be aware, the council has recently been surveying local residents on potential options for the redevelopment of the ‘empty lot’ site ( and further public consultation is planned to take place during October 2018. A planning application submission for the new site is scheduled for January 2019.

As the empty lot site is to be imminently redeveloped, and in the absence of any suitable alternative locations for the bins within the immediate vicinity, the council does not propose to relocate the bins at the current time. Please be assured however that the council is continuing to work closely with the Metropolitan Police and other agencies to tackle the drug taking and anti-social behaviour issues that you highlight in your petition.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Banks
Head of Waste & Parks

More details from petition creator

There are a number of bins on Paddington street that have become a dumping ground for all rubbish and an eyesore for the community. The bins also back on to the park and act as a barrier for people to hide behind and do drugs, with lots of young families living in the area this is obviously very unsatisfactory. We would like to create a petition with the intention of moving the bins from their current location to the empty lot on Luxborough Street where trees could be planted around them and a fully recyclable system could be put in place.

Current signatories

Amber Testino, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Guan Ten Ong
  • Julia Klyszeiko
  • Julie Holroyd
  • Irina Liner
  • Nigel Keith Ross
  • Michael Hunter
  • Lottie Hunter
  • Eric Geoffrey Unwin
  • Bronia Unwin
  • Barbara Brenda Green
  • Ying Ong
  • Akina
  • Carrie Rubin
  • maserati
  • Shakil Khan
  • Casey Klyszeiko
  • Jun
  • Lynne Ross
  • Al khater Ali
  • Leonid Chataev
  • CS1 LTD
  • Teodor Chuburov
  • Qube Leasehold Property Management Ltd
  • CS2 LTD
  • CS3 LTD
  • CS4 LTD
  • CS5 LTD
  • CS6 LTD
  • Berlanty Tawadrous
  • Gellert F
  • Simon Casey
  • Andrej Drdol
  • Edyta Federowicz
  • Ramina Jenkins
  • Luis Hernandez
  • Nadia samara
  • Carts russell
  • Gioele Anastasia
  • Steve Robinson
  • Kasia
  • Bradley Cohen
  • Chris Glew
  • Louisa
  • tommaso matarrelli
  • Giovanni Testino
  • Sofia testino
  • Marina testino
  • Michele Joseph
  • Sharon Gold
  • Lucas Hoffmann
  • Marina Hoffmann
  • Lord Gold
  • Mustafa Mustafa
  • Charles William Holroyd
  • Ben Evans
  • Francesco Palminteri
  • Lina Postorino
  • Zennah Chaudri
  • Felipe Mancera
  • Maja Hoffmann
  • Alex Michael
  • Caitlin Ogilvie
  • Rachel O
  • Jack Curtis
  • Yoshika Ishibashi
  • Michael Esfandi
  • Danny OBrien
  • Jona Devolli
  • Albertino Domingues
  • Benn shepherd
  • Doug Tannahill
  • Declan gray
  • mario testino
  • Susan butler
  • B Dickens
  • Olivia Hunt
  • Thomas Ashley
  • Amber Thompson
  • Melanie nakhla
  • Sean Coogan
  • Mariya Mizuno
  • Elsa Remoy
  • Elena Popova
  • Jim Quaid
  • Florin Stanca
  • Stephen Conboy
  • Jan Jarmuziewicz
  • Adam Ratzker
  • Michael Kallenbach
  • Andrius Rimkevicius
  • Dave Holden
  • Roland Hartmann
  • Juliet Anson
  • Dan Clerkin
  • Tatjana Ledjajeva
  • Alan Cooper
  • Sahar Khalil
  • Saria Khalil
  • O Novikova
  • S.Novikov
  • Hamad Al Khater
  • L Shegurova