Petition to: improve the condition of the sidewalk on the south side of Maddox Street.

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to improve the condition of the sidewalk on the south side of Maddox Street. More details

Petition update from the council, 07 November 2018

Dear Ms Schwartz,

I have been asked to respond to the petition that has been passed to the Council about the condition of Maddox Street and its improvement as has recently taken place on Bond Street.

The Bond Street project had a set £10m budget made up greatly from financial contributions from private sector businesses on Bond Street itself. The budget covered the cost of the improvement works on Bond Street and the immediate side road returns where enhanced traffic signal works took place. The budget did not allow for any form of improvement of the side roads themselves; and this has applied to all of the side roads off Bond Street except Brook St which has had a more extensive amount of work to allow the Bond Street project to join up with the Hanover Square project which will commence main works In January 2019 (the Hanover Square project is another project that is funded by through contributions that have primarily come from the private sector). The Bond Street Project between Brook Street and Piccadilly is now complete and there are only sufficient funds remaining in the Bond street budget to complete the section of Bond Street, between Brook Street northwards to the junction with Oxford Street West, which has been delayed by the Crossrail works.

In the absence of any Bond Street funding being available for expenditure on Maddox Street, or any other funding from the private sector that could be applied to Maddox Street, the Council regularly assess footway and carriageway conditions to inform our own investment decisions and, at present, Maddox Street doesn't meet the thresholds set.
Regards, Mark Allan

More details from petition creator

As a local residents, we have observed the improvements taking place on New Bond Street and its adjacent streets. Sadly, there has hardly been any work done on Maddox Street. This, taking into account the fact that the street hosts several high-end retailers and businesses, which de facto makes it an extension of New Bond St, is quite disappointing.

The poor condition of the south, odd-numbered side of the street requires an urgent attention in particular; In general, the overall state of the sidewalks and roads on Maddox Street has never been worse, which should behove the City of Westminster to incorporate the area into the schedule of the improvement works.

Current signatories

Sylvia Schwartz, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Mariya Pavlenko
  • Paloma Jacob-Duvernet
  • James Dallas
  • Rob Milne
  • David Abramov
  • Tessa Meadows-Smith
  • Ottavia
  • Camilla Romeo
  • Elli Abramov
  • Diane Friedman
  • Paul Batchelor
  • Valentina Mangia
  • Zuleika Gerrish
  • olivia gerrish
  • Raphael Abramov
  • Andreas Woywod