Petition to: Extend Westminster resident parking permits to include Central London (zone F)

We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to Extend Westminster resident parking permits to include Central London (zone F). More details

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The request is to allow Westminster parking permit holders to park in the designated parking zone plus central London resident-only bays (zone F). Zone F parking permit holders are London’s millionaires, here properties start from seven figure and their owners can certainly afford to pay to park. And amazingly it’s free for them and for the rest of us neighbours it’s £4.90/hour to park. That’s not fair. Most of the times coming to central London without a car is just too painful, especially when you have to carry around the whole family. You can’t do that with the tube or taxi, it’s just too much stuff to log around. Please consider how you can make zone F more accessible to all of the residents of Westminster during controlled hours. We pay the same taxes, we have the same rights.

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  • Alison Millar