Petition to: reinstate bins in rubbish dumping hotspots in Fitzrovia

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to reinstate bins in rubbish dumping hotspots in Fitzrovia. More details

Petition update from the council, 30 November 2017

Dear Mr Lewis,

Thank you for your recent petition calling for the reinstatement of bins in rubbish dumping hotspots in Fitzrovia. The petition had received 39 signatures by its closing date. I have discussed the matter with the excellent councillors who represent the area and who were able to contribute their strong local knowledge below.

More than three quarters of UK households, including many households in London Labour controlled boroughs neighbouring Westminster, receive a waste collection once per fortnight (or even less frequently in a small number of cases). The majority of streets in Fitzrovia receive between five and seven waste collections per week with the minimum level being two waste collections and two recycling collections per week.

Council officers have worked very closely with the Fitzrovia community to tackle fly-tipping and maintain clean streets; this has most recently included adjusting waste and recycling collection times to better meet residents needs, 'waste awareness' visits and leaflets to all households and businesses and the installation of an additional 38 lamp-post 'no dumping' signs.

Of the six locations where the petition is seeking the reinstatement of bins, four of these locations have never had bins and the bins at the other two locations were removed at the request of residents due to persistent fly-tipping problems. I therefore do not currently propose to 'reinstate' bins at the locations identified in the petition. The number of respondents may also indicate some scepticism about the case made. Officers will instead continue to work closely with the Fitzrovia community and ward councillors to ensure that all residents and businesses understand and comply with the very frequent waste and recycling collection services provided by the council with the challenges of only of the busiest parts of residential, business and tourist London.

Yours sincerely,

David Harvey

Cllr David Harvey
Cabinet Member for Environment, Sports and Community
Westminster City Council
Ward Member for Vincent Square

More details from petition creator

Rubbish dumping in Fitzrovia has become a serious issue: not only is it unsightly, it is also a public health problem.

Residents would like to see bins reinstated in spots where dumping is repeatedly a problem.

The Council should look to reinstate bins in the following areas: on the junction of Langham and Gosfield Street; the junction of Foley Street and Ogle Street; the junction of Langham Street and Great Titchfield Street; outside Tower House on Riding House and Candover Street; 154 New Cavendish Street; and hotspots on Hanson Street.

When bins are inappropriately removed, the Council should ensure they are replaced.

The Council should not limit reinstating bins in these spots but, in conversation with residents, consider other rubbish dumping hot spots spots too.

Current signatories

Pancho Lewis, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Michael Lynch
  • Paul Dimoldenberg
  • Jennifer Kavanagh
  • c. todorova
  • Steve Bell
  • Caroline Mawer
  • Edward Kellow
  • Tony Bradford
  • Ann Goodburn
  • Sam Bristow
  • Stephen Bennett
  • Michael Pentelow
  • John Davis
  • Tania Carvalho
  • Lisa penfold
  • Zaid
  • Jo Habib
  • Laurence Eyton
  • Kathryn Eyton
  • Helen Beastall
  • Karin Harnden
  • Christina Johnson
  • Claire-Louise John
  • Peter Whyatt
  • Mohammed Habib
  • ann feeney
  • Robert O'Dell
  • James Hunter
  • Bethan Probert
  • Nicolaas Montagne
  • Patrick Lilley
  • James Bone
  • Sebnem Senyener Bone
  • Ann Bone
  • Judith Taylor
  • Ted Craig
  • Lisa Clifton
  • Lesley Henderson