Petition to: Lobby Post Office Ltd for better postal services at Edgware Rd PO

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to Lobby Post Office Ltd for better postal services at Edgware Rd PO. More details

Petition update from the council, 30 January 2017

Letter from Ed Watson, Executive Director, Growth, Planning and Housing for City of Westminster Council to -

Paula Vennells, Chief Executive, Post Office Ltd. Network Services and Transformation

Dear Ms. Vennells,

The Crown Post Office on Circus Road, St John's Wood - and postal services at Edgware Road

I am given to understand that the Post Office on Circus Road, serving St John’s Wood, is set to be either shut down or be taken over by a franchisee. It has apparently been identified by your organisation as one of forty two loss-making main Crown branches in the UK.

I am writing to you on behalf of Westminster City Council to ask you to consider carefully the potential consequences to local residents of any diminishment of the branch’s services. Such a reduction of services, or the shutting of this branch, would have serious knock-on effects on our residents, particularly elderly and vulnerable people. This is particularly true as the next nearest branch is at Coventry Close which is nearly one and a half miles away. The current decision on the future of the Circus Road Brand has been subject to a petition to the council which includes 148 signatures.

We do however welcome the refurbishment of the Edgware Rd Post Office and hope this newly developed branch of the Post Office will be able to offer the same service levels residents currently enjoy in Baker Street & Paddington Quay. This again has been subject to a petition urging a high level of service to local residents and includes 25 signatures.

The Council places tremendous value on local high streets and has upgraded the environment at many of its shopping parades in Westminster to help support local shops and services, including Post Offices. I very much hope therefore that you will take Westminster City Council’s views into account in any future decisions made on the future these two branches. Would it also be possible to provide me with a timetable of any changes to the status of these two branches so that I can keep local ward councillors informed of any further developments.

Yours sincerely,

Ed Watson

Executive Director of Growth, Planning and Housing

More details from petition creator

We welcome the refurbishment of the Edgware Rd Post Office but the local residents, users and businesses of the Edgware Rd would like Post Office Ltd to make sure we also have the same service levels we have in Baker Street & Paddington Quay PO's at the newly refurbished premises.

If the adjoining neighbourhoods can have such good service at their local PO's, we can not see why the same can not be done at the newly refurbished Edgware Rd PO.

We want the Council to lobby Post Office Ltd to make sure their service delivery is the same across all their branches in City of Westminster, particularly at Edgware Rd PO which will still be heavily used by local residents.

Current signatories

Murad Qureshi, the petition creator, joined by:

  • John Kirkwood
  • Anna Tomaszewska
  • Paul Dimoldenberg
  • Tim Forrest
  • Ms R Stitou
  • Vida vega
  • Ruth fisher
  • Maggie Carman
  • Alan Meaden
  • Joe Hegarty
  • dan mcwilliams
  • Achim von Malotki
  • Wilf Parsons
  • Gordon Ridout
  • Mark McIvor
  • Avril Bradshaw
  • Al Gonzalez
  • Aileen Taylor
  • Moira Doyle
  • bianca hajdova
  • Suzanne Hunter
  • Carey Smith
  • Linda Chester
  • Carolyn Wilden