Petition to: Put bin on Broadley Terrace (dog mess problem)

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to Put bin on Broadley Terrace (dog mess problem). More details

Petition update from the council, 07 March 2017

Dear Ms Jackson,

Thank you for highlighting this important issue.

I have arranged for a new litterbin to be installed on Broadley Terrace (with stickers highlighting that dog waste can be put in the bin) and for some ‘No Fouling’ signs to be temporarily installed on lamp-posts along Broadley Terrace. I have also asked our Animal Warden and local City Inspector to carry out some visits at the most common dog-walking times to see if we can speak to any local dog walkers who may not pick up their mess. Enforcement action can be taken if required but most dog-walkers tend to be hugely embarrassed and will generally comply once they are approached.

In the meantime if I could recommend reporting any issues through the Council’s website at this will ensure any instances can be cleaned away as quickly as possible. The last report of fouling we received for Broadley Terrace was in 2013 so we do value these reports from our residents as it allows us to direct our cleansing resources to the most common problem areas.

Kind Regards

Mark Banks
Head of Waste & Parks

More details from petition creator

There is a real problem with dog mess on broadley terrace. There should be signs up with fines for those who leave dog mess. Also the council should clean this away more regularly. And place a bin on the street to encourage dog owners to pick up and throw away dog mess. There is a special needs school on Broadley Terrace and the children often walk out and straight into the dog mess. Please take immediate action to deal with this problem.

Current signatories

Ms Antoinette Jackson, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Mrs Emily Adelsbach
  • Penny Peskin
  • Anonymous
  • Taymoor Habba
  • Nancy Cantwell
  • Markella Sgantzi
  • S Davidson
  • Anne-Marie Ellis
  • Sabrina Duncan
  • Alona Zelouf
  • Solveiga Silkalna
  • Emma Rees
  • Emily Romero-Wiltshire
  • Olivia da costa
  • Amy Appleby
  • Lizzie Peskin
  • Lady wolfson of Marylebone
  • Paul Dimoldenberg
  • Hadi El-Turk
  • Rosie Williamson
  • Rachel Cullen
  • Sandy Crawford
  • Nadia Carella
  • N Tahir
  • Susannah Harris
  • Christopher Lloyd
  • Ruth Willmott
  • Hector del Ser
  • Lee Jones
  • Prisha Jobanputra
  • Rosalind Arratoon
  • V Daley
  • David Kuhlow
  • Tenessa Rimnyak
  • Miss Beasley
  • Eva Eugeniou
  • Dr Rina Dutta
  • Joanna Paplinska
  • Adrian Groves
  • Suzanne Ferlic Johnson
  • Dainis Barups
  • Tracy-Ann Rhoden-East
  • Rachel sopher
  • Monica Barbosa
  • Sarah sultman
  • nadege gallas
  • Ghadeer Al-Seragi
  • Michael Johnson
  • Mrs Cathy Wright
  • Anna Koumbarou
  • Alma Luxembourg
  • Amy James
  • ANNA
  • Celia Guimaraes
  • Eudokia Houdala-Dragoumanos
  • Ittamar abramov
  • Nataliya Shubina
  • michael kerns
  • Ghazal Hosseini
  • Shahriar Sharifi-Narani
  • Lara wilkins
  • elena korach
  • Denys Dyachuk
  • Georgia Campbell
  • Loula Lefkaritis
  • Seyed Hosseini
  • murad qureshi
  • Nina Kojim
  • Christopher Williams
  • Natalie Green
  • Tosh Kojima