Petition to: Charing Cross Road One Way system

We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to Charing Cross Road One Way system. More details

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We propose to make a limited access and a one way system from North to South for Charing Cross Road similar to Tottenham court road to allow for buses, taxis, delivery vans, cycles, emergency vehicles and pedestrians to more freely use the areas such as Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square and Cambridge circus and the shops, restaurants, pubs, etc in the road. The road narrows so much around Leicester Square making congestion a standard event every day with buses at stops blocking the traffic, it is not practical to maintain the two way system. Served by piccadilly, northern, central, circle, bakerloo, lines, rail and so many excellent bus services, the area is London's busiest tourist and entertainment spot and polluting noisy vehicles create a poor impression upon visitors and degrade their experience. Charing Cross Road is home to many people who work in the city and we kindly ask you to consider the beneficial effects, sign the petition and email with questions, suggestions or concerns.

Petition Rejected

This petition has been rejected because:

  • It contained wording that needed to be amended, or is impossible to understand
  • It doesn't actually request any action

Additional information about this rejection:
Dear Mr Hayes, Thank you for submitting an ePetition to the City Council. I am afraid we cannot accept this petition, in its current form, on the basis that it does not actually ask the City Council to take any action - which is paramount. It begins "we propose..." which I assume refers to the petition supporters? The petition should clearly detail at the outset what action you wish the Council to take. This requirement is set out in the Council's Petition Scheme. You could amend the wording as follows: "we request that the City Council make a limited access and a one way system from North to South for Charing....." etc. We are happy to approve your petition, subject to the above suggested amendment. It is wholly valid in all other respects. Many thanks.