Petition to: Prepare revised designs for the Bloomfield Mews.

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We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to Prepare revised designs for the Bloomfield Mews. More details

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Westbourne Terrace Road Residents Association call on the Housing Projects Team at Westminster Council to prepare revised designs for the Blomfield Mews Development before proceedings with plans that went through in September 2019 to which we strongly object.

Specifically, we ask the Housing Projects Team to reconsider the scale of the development to address the following:

• The 3-storey flats & 6-storey townhouse so close to the rear boundary of the existing terrace would cause unacceptable harm to the amenity of the occupants of Nos 14-26 in respect of outlook, privacy, daylight & Sunlight. • The methodology of daylight & sunlight assessment was flawed and materially misrepresented the true impact of the proposal. • The proposal with this number of flats creates an unsafe local environment in terms of highways and pedestrian movements. • The design of this development is not sympathetic to the heritage buildings that surround it nor consistent with previous planning rejections.

We strongly petition Westminster Council to reconsider the design that delivers only 14 affordable homes but dramatically impacts 60 existing flats & local amenities in favour of one more neighbourhood considerate.

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