Petition to: Pay homage to Alan Turing and his life's work by putting up a statue in Parliament Square.

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We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to Pay homage to Alan Turing and his life's work by putting up a statue in Parliament Square. More details

Petition update from the council, 21 September 2020

The process of erecting a new statue is a complex and lengthy one. Creating a new statue or memorial involves finding a suitable location for it, negotiating the agreement of the landowner, designing the memorial, securing planning permission, commissioning the sculpture, installing it and finally making provision for its long terms maintenance.

All of this work is invariably carried out by a third party organisation; normally a trust created especially for the purpose. Public authorities, such as the City of Westminster or central government never commission new permanent sculpture themselves.

If such a campaign were to be embarked upon for an Alan Turing memorial the first step would be to find a suitable location. The Parliament Square has been suggested as a candidate site. Parliament Square, and its existing statuary, is managed by the Greater London Authority. You would need their consent as the managers of the land to site a statue in this location.

You may also find it helpful to read our Supplementary Planning Document ‘Statues and Monuments in Westminster’, available on our Website, which covers some of the other aspects of creating a new memorial. You will note that Parliament Square lies within our monuments ‘saturation zone’, within which we would not normally grant planning permission for new statues.

More details from petition creator

Alan Turing helped bring World War II to an end. He was a pioneer of computer science and paved the way for artificial intelligence. He's a true British hero who shone during our darkest hour, yet was prosecuted for his sexual orientation. It's time to pay our collective respect and tribute to his work and life with a statue in Parliament Square.

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