Petition to: Allow access to tennis courts from 7am in summer times at the Paddington Recreation ground

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to Allow access to tennis courts from 7am in summer times at the Paddington Recreation ground. More details

Petition update from the council, 21 December 2017

Dear Mr John-Leopoldie

I have received your petition of 35 signatures, in support of extended access to the Tennis Courts at Paddington Recreation Ground from 7am during the summer months.

Having also received a counter petition against yours, we have had to consider the opposing views carefully, discussing it with our Cabinet Member for Environment, Sport & Community and our leisure operator Everyone Active.

Whilst creating opportunities for local residents to be active and lead healthy lives is a priority for Westminster City Council, we also have to consider any negative impact that extended use of facilities would have on local residents.

With this in mind we will be conducting a trail period on a limited number of courts during the summer 2018 of around 3 days per week when the Tennis courts can be used from 7am.

Following this trial period we will review uptake and any related issues before making future plans or extending access in the longer term.

I thank you for leading the petition and hope that you will continue to use and enjoy the facilities at Paddington Recreation Ground.

Kind regards

Andy Durrant
Head of Sport, Leisure & Wellbeing

More details from petition creator

-Facilities are managed on behalf of the westminster council for us tax payers & residents -Most people start working 8:30am so tennis at 7am weekdays is their sole option -No floodlights or extra staff required during summer months: beneficial to the center at no extra cost -The park is already open to personal trainers & barking dogs from 6:30am -Quote from their website: the cabinet member for sport and leisure, wrote...“Helping people to stay fit and healthy is a priority for the council. We look forward to working with SLM to help more people take part in sport and physical activity than ever before”

So...Let play tennis at 7am...then go to work!!!

Current signatories

Roland John-Leopoldie, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Dan Reinstein
  • Ursula Reinstein
  • Paula de Meeus
  • Craig Engelfried
  • Bethany Kingsley
  • Tuuli Monk
  • Elisa De Rossi
  • Cindy Beedell
  • Felix de Meeus
  • Lucy Mackenzie
  • Zuzana Vojencakova
  • Grace Wright
  • Ryan Vida
  • G H
  • Regina Boet
  • Alexandra Casanova
  • Isabella Henry
  • Kate Berry
  • Helen Outred
  • Jennifer leigh
  • Milla Chaplin
  • Victoria Evans
  • Nikki Cramphorn
  • Hadrien schmidt
  • Sophie Maras
  • Sarah Quraishi
  • Danny Sasson
  • Martin Asheneden
  • Hamidah Spiers
  • Keren Moreno
  • Augusto R.Carrascal
  • Gregor Deretic
  • irina ciurla
  • Mirabela Ciurla