Petition to: "Work with TFL to move the airport/long distance coach stop off Dorset Square to a non-residential location"

We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to "Work with TFL to move the airport/long distance coach stop off Dorset Square to a non-residential location". More details

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A long distance coach stop has been moved from a non-residential part of Gloucester Place onto Dorset Square as part of the 2Way Scheme, despite our repeated objections to both WCC and TFL. Already the stop has changed the very nature of the heart of the conservation area. It causes major disruption for local residents as the coaches run 24/7 and are noisy and polluting. The engines run for the entire duration of their stop, up to 15 mins, with < 6 coaches/hr causing increased NO2 pollution to nearby residents. There is increased traffic in the Square, coach engine noise, automated warning messages, flashing lights, noisy passengers, drivers, conductors, increased trespass onto private property, antisocial behaviour, rough sleepers, littering and use of the garden railings/road as a toilet. The north side of the Square is frequently blocked preventing emergency access. WCC and TFL are now threatening to install a large coach shelter and giant waste bins which will turn the Square into a coach station.

The coach stop must be moved off Dorset Sq to a non-residential area. Your signature is required as WCC and TFL are rejecting our reasonable and legitimate concerns out of hand.

Current signatories

Alison Gillams, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Pedro Mendez
  • Elizabeth Bax
  • Tony Smith
  • Claire Slater
  • Vicky Webster
  • Aisling Hanbury
  • Petra Slater
  • Peter Slater
  • Helen Slater
  • Shiv Pabari
  • Jonathan Blanchard
  • Christopher Davies
  • Pietro Falcone
  • David Patrick Spens
  • Professor Eli Talmor
  • prodessor william lees
  • Gunnar Larsen
  • Letitia Smith
  • Jayeis B Sonill
  • Derek Walker
  • Philip Hindley
  • Sally Holman
  • Robyn Spens
  • Richard Watson
  • Caroline Blanchard
  • Simon Vye
  • Elisabet Finetto
  • Otello Finetto
  • Beth Heller
  • Dickinson Cowan
  • Derek Smith
  • Ann Dumas
  • Anna Maria McLaren
  • Joachim Krinke
  • Olga Garcia
  • Brian Gordon
  • Brenda Hosington
  • sodbayar ganzorig
  • Kamran Alexander
  • Farzad Kassam
  • william heller
  • Janet Lewis
  • Simon David Hocombe
  • Chiara Essig
  • Stefano Gandolfo
  • John Yerbury
  • Graham Farrant
  • Michael Devigne
  • Raj Kapur
  • Margaret Walker
  • M.C. Newberry
  • Steven Dollond
  • Sabine Altschaeffl
  • Karl Essig
  • Imraan Ismail
  • Maria Papapanagiotou
  • Emma Lisa Rosenberg
  • Janet O'Mahony
  • Michael mcaveety
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