Petition to: Unchain the Football goals in Paddington Recreation Ground

We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to Unchain the Football goals in Paddington Recreation Ground. More details

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Recently, Paddington Recreation Ground have discarded their old goals and replaced them with new ones which are now chained up and facing the fence so that we can no longer use them, even though the pitch is still open to the public (unless there is a booking). For the vast majority of my life, I have been using the pitches and goals as a way to socialise with my friends, it was a perfect excuse to get us off the streets and doing something we all enjoyed as a community, playing football. I understand that due to the increase in knife crime, Westminster Council have allocated approximately £500,000 towards youth community centers/activities in an attempt to decrease the number of youth involved in these crimes. I also spoke to a member of staff currently employed by Paddington Recreation Ground (who requested to remain anonymous) whom informed me that Westminster Council had helped Paddington Rec. by contributing in the purchase of these new goals. Speaking on behalf of the hundreds of people who use those goals and pitches each week to better themselves, we would highly appreciate it if you could do something about this predicament and make the goals available to us again.

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