Petition to: Objection to NOT allow early access (7.00am) to tennis courts in Paddington Recreation Grounds

We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to Objection to NOT allow early access (7.00am) to tennis courts in Paddington Recreation Grounds. More details

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You may be aware of petition logged with the Council requesting that an earlier start time of 7.00am is allowed for tennis games at Paddington Recreation Ground over the summer periods.

We have therefore created a petition AGAINST an early start as this would cause considerable noise disturbance to the residents of Carlton Mansions and other adjoining properties next to Paddington Recreation Grounds.

We would therefore kindly ask that you sign this petition against the proposal of early starts for Tennis at Paddington Recreation Grounds.

Current signatories

Zaineb Raza, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Miss Jennifer Bale
  • Joanna Ball
  • Yu-Feng Grace Lan
  • andrew jose
  • Charmaine sessegnon
  • Igor degtiarev
  • Mark Allsopp
  • Martin Jones
  • Philip Marvin Maerz
  • Vanessa Maerz
  • Werner Aeberhard
  • Nicole Harvey
  • Camille Depoutot
  • Alexandra Day
  • Christine kinden Hafsten
  • akshay cara
  • Rachael Clifford
  • owen aishford
  • Meryl Silbert
  • Freddie Stinson
  • Janine Abrahams
  • Nayla Kemal
  • Aaron Koshy
  • Ghislaine Salabert