Petition to: Install pedestrian bollards at the West end of Maiden Lane

We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to Install pedestrian bollards at the West end of Maiden Lane. More details

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There is a major hazard for pedestrians at this junction. Cars/vans/lorries frequently drive along the narrow pavement (~1 meter), putting pedestrians in danger of death. The council previously lowered the height of the curb, allowing vehicles to drive along the pavement with impunity. On 14th March 2018 a lorry driving fast along the pavement had a very near miss with a baby in a pram that was coming up a blind intersection. On 1 November 2017 a taxi overtook on the pavement 100 meters away, hospitalising and nearly killing a pedestrian. All the other narrow lanes in Covent Garden (New Row, Floral Street, etc) have double lines of bollards along their length. The past redevelopment on Maiden Lane included single bollard by the Church entrance at a wider point in the road, but this is vastly insufficient! The absence of bollards on the narrowest west end reflects casual disregard for the safety which needs to be reconsidered and bollards installed as a matter of urgency before someone dies, as almost happened to baby Max (age 1 year 3 days) on 14 March 2018.

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