Petition to: Get the Jubilee re-development plan completed without further delay.

We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to Get the Jubilee re-development plan completed without further delay. More details

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We call on Westminster City council and their partner EcoWorld to make an immediate start on the redevelopment of the former Jubilee Sports Centre in Caird Street which has now been closed for over 12 months. Having been occupied by squatters it is becoming increasing dilapidated and a blight on the local environment.

The residents opposed the closure of the Sports Centre but were assured by the City Council that the site would be redeveloped for housing, including a community hall. We call on the Council and EcoWorld to keep their promises and to start the work without further delay.

Furthermore, we request that the Council ensures that the Late Completion Penalty Fee usually attached to such contracts be directed to the benefit of the community in the form of a Fund attached to the community space / hall included in the project. This will be scant compensation for the loss of a valued resource and the lengthy scourge of the derelict building site.

Current signatories

Emily Engel, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Paula Trimmer
  • Katheryn Thal
  • Fraser Brydson