Petition to: Re-consider the proposed rent increase for Carlton Hill Community Nursery.

We the undersigned petition Westminster City Council to Re-consider the proposed rent increase for Carlton Hill Community Nursery. More details

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We petition Westminster City Council to re-consider the proposed rent increase for Carlton Hill Community Nursery.

We understand it would nearly double the rent payments of the nursery, which is operated by the London Early Years Foundation, a registered charity and social enterprise.

This doubling of the rent could lead to an increase of parents' fees, a deterioration of services (with which parents are currently delighted) and risks jeopardising the nursery’s continued existence. Carlton Hill – with its lovely child-friendly garden – is one of the few nurseries in the area to offer all-day facilities for hard-pressed working families.

The Government's “early education and childcare statutory guidance for local authorities” states that those “are required by legislation to secure sufficient childcare […] for working parents [and] should encourage existing providers to expand their provisions”.

Our local authority should support, not hinder, early education providers such as Carlton Hill nursery.

Current signatories

Mr Jonathan Teyssandier, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Reshma David
  • Damiaan van Zanen
  • Mark David
  • Catherine Ngwong
  • Eva Kizlo
  • Carrie Grunkemeyer
  • Parker Grunkemeyer
  • Jee-Lin Chan
  • Irina Kuzmenko
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  • Antonia Antoniou
  • Ronan Gallagher
  • Shaun
  • Fatma Saadaoui
  • Mahamadou coulibaly
  • Humaa Jamil
  • F kogman
  • Angela Allen
  • Karin Thyselius
  • Stephanie Leuchtman
  • Hanna Celina Teyssandier
  • Anne Cutting
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  • Christopher Hollensteiner
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